Commercial Solar Installation
Commercial Solar Installation

Get your solar system installed by professionals with over a decade of experience in the commercial solar sector. 

Business Solar System
Solar Consulting

Get the right system based on your needs. The Solar Company will design a system around your current utility needs and budget.

Commercial Solar Consultant
Usage Monitoring

Track your solar usage and see how much you are saving each month. 

Commercial Solar Installation Timeline

Initial Consultation

1-2 Hours

Your commercial solar installation begins with an appointment with one of our expert solar consultants who can help you understand the benefits of solar everything The Solar Company is offering. We will prepare for your consultation using satellite imaging and solar mapping to evaluate your roof’s solar potential and run an analysis based on your historical electricity usage. This will help us determine what size system would be optimal for your building. 

At the initial consultation, we will provide you with our proposed system design and a personalized quote for your building. We will discuss financing and walk you through the tax incentives that are available. Our goal in this initial meeting is to provide you with all of the information needed to make an informed decision about solar. 

Site Assessment & Design

1-3 Weeks

Now that you have made the decision to go solar and lined up your financing it is time to get the ball rolling with a site assessment. Our scheduling coordinator will schedule a time for our team to come out and verify the system design in your proposal. We will use drones and specialized software to measure your roof. 

We design every system based on zoning restrictions and limitations that may be inherent to your building’s structure, as well as mounting and location permits.

Permits & Approvals

2-6 Weeks

Before we start the installation we need to get all permits and approvals from the city, your utility company, and any other governing agency within your area. From utility interconnection agreements and net-metering applications to local building and electrical permits to all rebate incentive documents, we take care of all the necessary communications and paperwork. We will work with local authorities to fulfill all zoning requirements and city ordinances. 


1-5 Days

Our scheduling coordinator will contact you will all information about what to expect when we begin the installation process, and will schedule a time that works best for you. Our NABCEP-certified team of solar technicians will arrive and work quickly and efficiently to install solar panels with minimal disruption to your schedule. 

The duration of this step will vary base on the size and complexity of your system. Most of our installations are completed within a week. However, more complex systems such as multi-family housing systems with battery backup can take longer to complete. 


1-4 Weeks

After your solar system has been installed it will have to be inspected by your utility company and city inspector before it can be activated. Your utility company may also install a new meter that allows for net metering of your excess electricity. 

We will work with all necessary entities to coordinate these inspections. However, the scheduling of inspections is subject to the availability of the utility company and city inspector. Once they sign off on your system you are ready to activate your system. 


1-3 Weeks

Now that your solar installation is complete, the system passed all inspections, and proper permits have been granted you are ready to flip on the switch. The Solar Company will assist you with the process of energizing your system and will grant you access to your monitoring system. We will also schedule a final meeting to answer any other question you have and complete your project.