Generate a higher
Return on Roof.

The Solar Company® specializes in commercial solar that helps you evaluate, execute and finance an informed solar installation investment so you can achieve the highest return possible.


reduced energy costs

We help you significantly reduce or eliminate your energy costs while hedging against the variable costs of electricity. You can even become a net-producer of electricity, which allows you to sell energy for an additional passive revenue stream.

What Makes The Solar Company Different?

We understand the business side of solar.

Our experts help you look beyond the sustainability benefits of solar to make an informed, financially strategic investment.

We install savings.

We work directly with property owners and business leaders to significantly reduce or eliminate one of your highest expenses.

We make solar simple.

Our finance experts provide a property-specific cost/benefit analysis along with the lending relationships required to make the project a reality.

Stellar at solar.

Our in-house experts can help bring any phase of your commercial solar project to life through a variety of services.

The consulting and design team will ensure you have the right system with a customized plan that meets your energy needs, goals and budget.

Installation of systems are then handled by professionals with a decade of national experience in the commercial solar sector.

And usage monitoring by our analysts helps quantify your investment each month.

Sun-powered Savings

Solar is the right thing for the environment and your business.

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Greener Impact

Solar is 100% renewable, generating a net positive impact on the environment.
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Lower Utility Bill

This free and inexhaustible energy source lets your building be energy independent.
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More Business Sense

Solar can save your business millions, increase your property value, and create a new revenue stream – all at once.

After The Solar Company showed us the numbers, it was really a no-brainer in switching to solar to save our company and our investors money.

- Tim Gillean, President, Cross Equities

It takes a lot of energy to power a dealership lot 24 hours a day. The Solar Company helped us zero-out energy costs while protecting our vehicles.

- Dave Jones, Mercedes Benz of McKinney

I knew solar could save us money, but The Solar Company taught me how it could make us money as well.

Let’s talk about your offset.